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Success Stories | K-Laser Neuropathy Center Arizona - 480-609-1080

Success Stories

“I had been to 3-4 other doctors, adhered to several treatment programs with no measurable improvement from the pain of neuropathy. I was told many times there was no real cure and the best I could hope for was just managing the pain. Then we found Dr. Pederson. The improvement is wonderful! I feel like I have a chance to get my life back! Thank you Dr. Pederson!”

Roy B

I have suffered from pain from shingles for 2 years. The pain is horrible and affected my ability to just live life.

On the recommendation of a dear friend, I came to Dr. Pederson for the K-4 laser treatments. With every treatment my pain was redused. Thank you, Dr. Pederson, you are very caring doctor.”

Virginia H

Dr. Pederson is the best! He is truly concerned about his patients and works with you to meet your needs. He is extremely competent and the laser treatments make me feel like I am walking on new feet! Dr. Pederson, you are appreciated.”

– Sher

I went to Dr. Pederson because the pain in my hip was almost unbearable. After 6 treatments I was pain free. I can sleep on that side and can get up from a chair and walk without pain. Dr. Pederson is a kind and caring person, interested in helping everyone.

– Patty S

Seven years ago I was t-boned by a drunk driver going 75 mph. I had internal bleeding, fractured pelvis and fused my L1-L5 discs in my spine, as a result of the accident. Over the next two years, I had 7 surgeries and tried just about everything to ease the pain. I couldn’t work or function with daily activities.

In 2017, I learned about laser therapy and after two weeks of daily treatment with Dr. Pederson the pain was completely gone! I have returned to work and everyday I am surprised I still have no pain. I

I share my story with family, friends and patients. Now, I do maintenance treatments and optimistic that I am no longer injured. Thank you Dr, Pederson for completely changing my life and giving me a new one!”

– Lynda, R.N.